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Past ZIPANG events

For details, photos and videos of past ZIPANG events, select a date from the list below.

  12th January 2019 Zipang storytelling at the British Museum
  7th July 2018 Queen Square Fair, London
  28-29th March 2018 A lamassu for London and Nineveh
  20th March 2018 National Museum of Iraq and ZIPANG at the British Museum
  15th February 2018 Iraqi Business Council event in Amman, Jordan
  19th November 2017 UK Parliament Week 2017
  23rd September 2017 Enheduanna stall at the Marchmont Street party, London
  5th-7th May 2017 'Stories in Transit II' conference, Palermo, Sicily
  4th December 2016 Iraqi Cultural Exhibition at Imperial College London
  1st October 2016 Gilgamesh epic project for young people: end-of-project celebration
  26-28th September 2016 'Stories in Transit' conference, Palermo, Sicily
  27th July 2016 Gilgamesh storytelling at St John's College, Cambridge
  21st May 2016 An Evening of Stories from Ancient Iraq
  7th November 2015 Group storytelling performance of the Gilgamesh epic
21st May 2015 Storytelling Live! at Waterstones, Piccadilly
  25th April 2015 Gilgamesh epic evening (bilingual) at the Iraqi Cultural Centre in London
  19th April 2015 Launch of Gilgamesh epic project for young people
  11th April 2015 Gilgamesh epic evening (Arabic) at the Iraqi Cultural Centre in London
  7th-8th March 2015 Game On! Connecting World Cultures through Play
  11th January 2015 ZIPANG at the Inanna Praise Poetry Group
  22nd November 2014 ZIPANG at the Dr Esmat as-Saeed School
  4th August 2014 Behind the scenes at the British Museum
  27th June 2014 Love stories from Mesopotamia at the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford
  20th May 2014 Diversity Week at Working Men's College
  21st September 2013 Mesopotamian mythology and music at the Iraqi Cultural Centre
  3rd September 2013 Talk about Gilgamesh in Holborn at Holborn Library
  29th June 2013 St Peter’s Church arts festival, Belsize Park, London
  8th June 2013 Talk about Enheduanna hosted by the Older Feminist Network
  24th March 2013 Reel Iraq Festival
  3rd March 2013 Reminiscences at the Iraqi Association
  17th January 2013 Sumerian class at Birkbeck College
  16th November 2012 The Story Museum, Oxford
  9th October 2012 Anniversary Reception
  4th/11th/13th May 2012 It Is What It is: Conversations about Iraq at the Hayward Gallery
  14th April 2012 ZIPANG Day Out at the British Museum
  2nd April 2012 Enheduanna evening at Salam House in Maida Vale
  3rd March 2012 BISI Study Day
  29th February 2012 Gilgamesh at Salam House
  3rd December 2011 Atrahasis
  5th November 2011 Adapa
  1st October 2011 The Poor Citizen of Nippur
  3rd September 2011 Ishtar’s Descent to the Great Below
  21st August 2011 Gilgamesh in the Cedar Forest
  2nd July 2011 Inanna’s Wedding
  4th June 2011 Dumuzi’s Dream
  7th May 2011 Humbaba
  2nd April 2011 The Matter of Aratta
  12th March 2011 Etana
  12th February 2011 The Marriage of Martu
  4th December 2010 Inanna and Shukaletuda
  6th November 2010 Anzu Bird, Ninurta and the Tablet of Destiny
  2nd October 2010 Ereshkigal and Nergal
  4th September 2010 Agushaya (and Ishtar)
3rd July 2010 Ishtar’s Descent to the Great Below
  5th June 2010 The Huluppu Tree, Gilgamesh and the Netherworld
  8th May 2010 The Poor Citizen of Nippur
  1st May 2010 Enheduanna evening at the Salisbury House Arts Centre in Enfield
  10th April 2010 Enki and Inanna – how the arts and crafts of civilisation were taken to Uruk
  6th March 2010 The god Ninurta defeats the Asag and makes the mountains
  13th February 2010 The marriage of Martu
  5th December 2009 Gilgamesh: mythical king
  7th November 2009 Gilgamesh: quest for immortality
  3rd October 2009 Gilgamesh: wild youth
  May—September 2009 Enmerkar and Lugalbanda
  29th July 2009 Multi-lingual Mesopotamian storytelling
Spring and summer 2009 Gilgamesh in Arabic
  5th March 2009 Enuma elish… at the British Museum
  1st November 2008 Storytelling
  4th October 2008 Storytelling

26th September 2008

Visit to the British Museum. The link will take you to our YouTube video A Lamassu for Nineveh (opens in new window)
  6th September 2008 Storytelling
  5th July 2008 Storyboarding
  7th June 2008 Big Day Out
  3rd May 2008 Storytelling
  5th April 2008 Mythology
  1st March 2008 ‘Contest’ stories

16th February 2008

Gilgamesh story


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